New Spaces

Under the motto "New Spaces", we promote mutual respect and equality with each other. Many people come here from abroad as workers, students and refugees and want to get familiar and settle in. In order to enable them to adjust and grow into society, meeting places in companies, schools, clubs and communities are needed. Germany is a migration country and has a special responsibility to promote diversity and enable intercultural coexistence.

With the Intercultural Weeks, we want to strengthen the civil society and create new spaces to exchange information, discuss and celebrate together. There are more than 30 organizations involved in the layout of the Intercultural Weeks.  Among them are some migrant organizations that do not have their own spaces to implement  their projects and get in touch with the majority of the society.

We thank all those who are committed to provide new spaces!

Infos zu den IKW

36. Interkulturelle Wochen von 23.9.23 bis 14.10.23

Hier gibt's das Plakat und den Programmflyer zum Download:

Organisation + Kontakt:
Haus International
Verband für interkulturelle Begegnung, Bildung und Beratung e.V.
Orbankai 3-4
84028 Landshut
Tel. 0871 31947480

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